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grew up on a diverse farm in west central Minnesota. I attended South Dakota State University for 3 years and then the University of Minnesota Veterinary school, class of 1989. In vet school our study carols were assigned alphabetically and Jacobs was near Johnson. That is how I got to know Blake and his father, Ralph. Through them I was exposed to acupuncture. After graduation, I practiced conventional mixed and large animal medicine for 10 years, and then took the IVAS acupuncture course. I joined the clinic in 1999.”

Like many people, I started to investigate acupuncture with a healthy bit of skepticism. It didn’t take long for my experiences with acupuncture to convince me that there is something to it. I think the best way for people to formulate an opinion about acupuncture is for themselves or their animals to experience it. One nice thing about working on animals is that there is no ‘placebo affect’. Animals are very honest and they tell you when they feel better.”

Loran Jacobs, DVM

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